Aged Care Workforce

KnG Healthcare (formerly Covax Australia) began with a strong focus on the successful roll-out and staffing for multiple vaccination & testing sites during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through these efforts we amassed a skilled team, thousands strong, of both clinical and non-clinical staff, including nurses, security, administration staff, cleaners, phlebotomists, doctors, pharmacists and hospitality staff.

As the vaccination phase came to a close, new challenges emerged in the form of aged care struggles and lockdowns. At KnG Healthcare, we swiftly shifted our focus to support the aged care sector, recognising the urgent need for attention and innovative solutions. In keeping with our core values of caring, resilience & adaptability, our substantial staffing pool become KnG Healthcare. Working closely with the Department of Health, we have been actively providing solutions and a highly qualified workforce across Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.

To date, we have proudly offered support to more than 170 residential aged care homes, and our commitment to providing exceptional care continues to grow. We understand the importance of supporting our aging generation and the vital role our staff plays in this mission. Our dedicated team is well equipped with the knowledge and training required for these significant roles, ensuring that our elderly community members receive the best possible care and support.

With our dedicated rostering and allocations team, including after-hours on-call assistance for those last-minute calls, we will continue to provide a seamless and reliable service to build a better future for our aging generation.