Coomera & COVID-19 Vaccination Hubs

KnG Healthcare (previously Covax Australia) played a pivotal role in the operation of Mass Vaccination Hubs across Queensland during the pandemic, including the esteemed Coomera Mass Vaccination Hub, and our innovative Pop-up Vaccination Clinics aimed at community outreach.

Operation of Mass Vaccination Hubs: During the height of the pandemic, KnG Healthcare played a vital role in the successful operation of Mass Vaccination Hubs across Queensland. Our dedicated team provided a range of essential services, ensuring the smooth and efficient administration of vaccines to the community. At the heart of this effort was the Coomera Mass Vaccination Hub – a pivotal establishment in our resolute fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Operating from October 2021 until March 2022 this state-of-the-art mass vaccination hub was brought to life through our partnership with Queensland Health, as a strategic response to combat the challenges posed by the pandemic and contributed significantly to the public health response for South East Queensland.

The Coomera Vaccination Hub provided over 400 jobs for the community including Directors of Nursing and a skilled Leadership Team, Nurse Educators, Enrolled and Registered Nurses, Assistants in Nursing, Administration Staff, Infection Control Cleaning Team, Phlebotomists, Doctors, Pharmacists, Pharmacy Assistants, and Security Guards.

Beyond the Coomera Hub we also provided vaccinations and workforce for the Mass Vaccination hubs at Bundall and Caboolture.

Pop-up Vaccination Clinics – Community OutreachRecognising the importance of accessibility and outreach, KnG Healthcare spearheaded a series of innovative Pop-up Vaccination Clinics. These clinics were strategically set up at various locations, including schools, theme parks, Bunnings stores, and Surf Clubs, bringing vaccinations directly to the community. Through these initiatives, we aimed to eliminate barriers to vaccine access, again contributing significantly to the public health response for South East Queensland.