ViCyber Partnership

ViCyber is an Australian based company whose mission is to simplify and strengthen cyber-security for all businesses, irrespective of size, type or remit, with an aim to uplift and maintain cyber health in our community.

Their mission is to make every organisation in Australia feel cyber secure.

ViCyber has a goal of improving cyber health by uncovering your business’s cyber risk powered by an AI-driven tailored algorithm suited to your unique environment.

  1. Check: Assess the Business’s specific cyber health in an automated low-cost way.
  2. Predict: They accurately predict a dollar amount your business could lose from a cyber attack.
  3. Comply: Assess compliance against industry top cyber standards to understand the cyber maturity of the business.
  4. Fix: Identify cyber vulnerabilities and loopholes. Utilising their expert skills to repair issues.
  5. Insure: Recommend businesses cyber insurance tailored to their cyber threat landscape

In partnership with KnG Tech, ViCyber aims to be at the forefront of innovation, providing ground-breaking solutions to simplify and strengthen cyber-security for businesses of all sizes. With a focus on international projects and partnerships, ViCyber & KnG Tech are committed to ensuring the highest level of cyber protection, aligning with KnG Group’s dedication to this crucial area.