Community COVID-19 Testing Sites

KnG Healthcare, formerly known as Covax Australia, played a pivotal role in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As well as our extensive network of community vaccination hubs, (please read “Coomera & COVID-19 Vaccination Hubs) KnG Healthcare (Covax Australia) established multiple testing clinics across the nation, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to public health and safety.

Our pioneering drive-through testing facilities were at the forefront of our efforts, ensuring the safety and convenience of individuals seeking COVID-19 testing. These mass testing sites streamlined the testing process, creating efficiencies in the healthcare system, and enabling prompt identification and containment of potential outbreaks.

Moreover, recognising the importance of accessibility in combating the pandemic, we opened and operated several walk-in testing sites at major airports and universities. These locations served as convenient points for travellers and students to get tested, further safeguarding the health and well-being of employees, students, and the wider community.

Throughout our journey, we remained dedicated to continuously improving our COVID-19 testing services. By utilising cutting-edge technology and best practices, we provided accurate and efficient testing solutions, contributing to the overall public health effort.

At KnG Healthcare, supporting local communities has been a cornerstone of our mission. We collaborated closely with communities across the nation in their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, striving to create a safer and healthier future for all.